Xpornhub Collection of Facial Abuse & Throat Creampies


If you like teen sluts with a mouth full of cum, then look no further than this erotic collection of facial abuse throatpies from Xpornhub! This amazing creampie compilation is different than what we usually post. Instead of creampies being planted in hot pussies, this is a collection of creampies being pumped into the throats of willing teens who have a fetish for facial abuse and throatpies.

There are tears, there is cum, and there is a whole lot of spit and gagging. This facial abuse compilation is not for the faint-hearted, but a dream cum true for creampie lovers! The 69 position is arguably one of the best positions to face fuck teen sluts, look at those hot eyes looking back at the camera as they fill with tears whilst their throat is used as a pussy for throbbing dicks and the spit and saliva pours all down their face. Gravity!

In my opinion, the hottest facial abuse session and throatpie is the second one in this xpornhub collection. This hot slut has dyed her hair blonde and is face fucked relentlessly. Then we see the guy’s balls twitch and the cum pump from his dick deep in the throat of this facefuck slut. Thankfully, she doesn’t swallow all the cum and instead lets it all pour down her face which is already covered in spit and tears.

A close contender to that classic facial fuck session is the third face fuck of the throatpie collection. As this guy cums in her throat, she caresses the dick with her tongue to gently extract every bit of cum from him. You can hear how hard this guy cums and starts shaking as his balls empty entirely into her mouth. When the dick slides out, so too does all of that cum straight into her eye. She rounds off with a slutty smile.

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But it doesn’t end there, of course, these facial abuse master couple are going to leave the best until last! As he pounds her throat with his big white dick once again, he nears closer to pumping a creampie in her throat. As he cums hard, she retains eye contact with the camera. She loses her blowjob composure and gags hard on his dick causing an airflow that blasts two streams of cum down either side of her sexy face. I love symmetry!